Directional Signs

Directional signs are signs that you do need to custom order since these carry specific information that can be used only by the company who ordered it. You should know however that the information on these signs is not the only item you can customize on them. You can actually do a lot with your directional signs.

Customizing signs that help show people where to go (which is what directional signs are) can entail the customization of the materials used, the color combinations, the size of the sign and many more. These customization options are made available to clients so that they can create signs that are “unique” and in line with their company’s design specifications. To help you get a better grasp at what we are getting, here are some of the things you can customize on your directional signs:

-      Materials – when you customize your signs, the first thing you will need to choose is the material you are to use. There are quite a number of options when it comes to this, with choices like different metals, wood and plastics on most of the customization lists you will find on sign manufacturing sites. The metals you can choose to use are often corrosion resistant ones like stainless steel, aluminum and brass. For plastics, the materials you can choose from include acrylic, polyethylene and PVC. Wood is also an option.

-      Size – the size of your sign will have a bearing on a number of elements that you put on it. If the information you need to put on a directional sign is rather numerous, you will have to order a sign that is somewhat sizeable as well. If the text on your sign is expected to be long, you can either tweak the size of your sign or the size of the characters on them. You can also choose to abbreviate.

-      Shape – did you know that your directional signs can actually be more than just the standard rectangular or square signs that you see around you? There are directional signage designs that have decorative tops, sides and bottom parts. You can also choose to have your directional signs shaped into arrows for each line of text on it or customize it further with different shapes for each entry.

-      Mounting – you can choose to have your directional signs mounted on walls, overhead or on a post, depending on where you are planning on putting these. You can also choose what kind of mounting equipment to use, if these are wall mounted, depending on the weight of your signage. These can include screws, adhesives and mounting brackets.