ADA Signs

When you are thinking of customizing your signs, you should be aware that not everything you want to have done with these can actually be executed. This is because of the fact that signs have to follow rather strict rules set by the government. These rules for customized signs, as well as for standard signs, can be found in the ADA’s website, in their Standards for Accessible Design.

When you check out these guidelines on the ADA website, you will probably find it somewhat difficult to find the signage guidelines without knowing what to look for. These are found in Chapter 7, which is the chapter covering all communication elements. Since signs are used for communicating directions and information to others, this is where guidelines for these can be found.

You will find that in this list of rules, numerous restrictions are in effect when it comes to these signs. Font restrictions, color restrictions, and even the choice between upper case and lower case letters are outlined. These are to ensure that your custom signs can be easily read by anyone who sees them.

Aside from the aforementioned rules, you will also notice that there are instructions regarding how thick your letters should be, what distance one letter should be from another, and their sizes as per the signage size. Also part of the rules is the sizes, spacing, and height of the Braille translations for the messages on these signs.  Even the positioning of the letters and the Braille translations with each other have to follow the rules set for just such a thing.

There are more rules for you to take note of when you are designing these signs, and these need to be followed religiously for a number of reasons. For starters, as mentioned earlier, these signs need to be readable and understandable by every person that happens to look at or come in contact with it. Second, these signs have to comply with set guidelines or else you will be found in violation of the ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act.

What do you get if you are found violating these rules? Some people may find themselves being given a chance to rectify the situation, and this involves the need to order new signs that are compliant with these guidelines. Others may find themselves being asked to do more than just change these signs. They may find themselves being asked to pay fines for not following these strict government mandates. Either way, both will cost you money, and this is why you should follow these rules from the get go. 

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