Custom Office Door Signs

Businesses and offices everywhere have various needs, and one of the common needs that all businesses and office have is the need for office door signs. Custom office door signs are installed in establishments and companies everywhere to help people find their way around and to know which rooms they are in or can use. These are also used to help give the office or business a way to show their identity.

One of the frustrations of business owners have when it comes to having signs made for their offices and establishments is the thought that having to comply with ADA standards will limit the design options they have. This may be true in a sense, if some of the sign designs that a business wants is rather elaborate or are used on unacceptable materials. This does not mean however that the custom office door signs that can be designed will be ugly or will lack any aesthetic value.

In designing your office door signs for compliance, you will need to know what these compliance guidelines are. Some of these involve the use of contrasting colors, while others involve the use of certain fonts. You will also need to have these signs crafted having tactile letters and Braille translations on them since these are generally used to mark permanent rooms.

The difficulties some people have with custom office door signs that are designed to comply with the ADA standards for accessibility come with the limited font choices, color combination choices and material finish options people perceive that they have. What they do not realize is that, there are actually a huge number of options available to them in the combinations that can be made with these different sign features. A careful selection of the options available to you can give you an aesthetically pleasing sign which is also ADA compliant.

Some of the more important ADA standards to comply with are the color contrast choices, the use of tactile letters, the addition of Grade 2 Braille translations and the use of sans serif fonts on these signs. Character size and the use of standard pictograms are also some of the things that need to follow compliance guidelines. Other standards that don’t affect how the sign will look are the mounting height and mounting location of these signs.

Probably worth mentioning is the use of non-glare or non-glossy finishes on these custom office door signs. The finish that you need to have on these signs should be non-glare or matte, which is also not something you should worry about since it does not diminish how good a sign will look. A lot of the best looking signs out there are not glossy and have a classy, eggshell or matte finish, which makes the sign look more sophisticated and chic.