Customizing Braille Signs

Customizing signs for your business requires that you follow rules that the government has set for these signs. As such, signs that require Braille translations on them need to follow the many rules for the usage of Braille on these. This means that not only do you need to create the right translations for the messages on your signs in Braille, but you also need to ensure that these are made with the right height, width, domed shape, and using the right grade of Braille as well.

This can be a rather tricky task to achieve if you are not well versed in the rules that are needed to create ADA signs with, which is what these Braille signs are. You will need to check if the translation is indeed in Grade 2 Braille, if the spacing between dots is correct, if the spacing between the text message and the translation is right, and so on. This can be somewhat tedious, and may be required of you, if you do not choose the signage manufacturer that knows how to properly put together such signs.

If you want your signage customization to be hassle-free, specifically when it comes to Braille signage, you should choose a sign maker that has the kind of ADA knowledge that assures you of proper features for these signs. Not all sign makers can accurately create the many tactile features required of such signs, and this can get your company in hot water with the law when compliance issues arise. As such, it is not that difficult to find sign makers that know their way around these kinds of signs and their creation.

What you should do is to find a manufacturer that has been around for a long time since these businesses usually last this long not only because of their dedication to quality, but also because they can be trusted to do what is needed. That includes the creation of compliant signs for your business. These signage companies can give you the advice you need in order to avoid the penalties and fines that come with the use of non-compliant signage.

If your company has sign designs that you want to use for your office doors and other areas of your building, the right sign manufacturer will not just create these signs for you willy-nilly. They will tell you want needs to be tweaked on these signs in order for these to be compliant with ADA rules. They can also inform you of the many options you have for customizing these signs within ADA guidelines, so as to give you and your designers an idea as to what should and should not be done when it comes to the customization of your custom Braille signs. 

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