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Putting together signs that you will use for your company is one exciting yet tricky step when it comes to starting or running a business. It may not be evident to some, but your signs actually play a huge part in the success of your company. Aside from telling people who you are and where to find the offices they need to locate in your building, these signs also show them just how well you do what you do.

Signs that are carelessly made, and are not compliant to the rules set by the government, can easily paint your company as non-law abiding. Another thing that these non-compliant signs can show is that you do not pay attention to detail. These are just a couple of negative things that can arise from your business sign designs when these are non-compliant with ADA rules.

Aside from non-compliance, poorly designed and lackluster looking signs can also paint a negative picture of your business to prospective customers. A lack in aesthetics can mean a number of things, one of which is that you don’t care how your signs look, which can also mean that you won’t care too much about what your customers will need. It can easily be translated as having a less than excellent outlook in what you do.

Importance of Combining Compliance and Aesthetics

ADA Compliant SignsThese are just a few reasons why you should always try your best to come up with signs that are both compliant and aesthetically pleasing. Aside from giving people a good impression about your company and making everyone see that you are indeed a company that can be trusted with their business, these signs also tell people a few more things. These can tell people that you are a law abiding citizen and you believe in what the ADA is for.

The ADA is a law that helps protect the civil rights of people with disabilities. It helps them have the same opportunities as those who are without disabilities, and this comes in the form of many things, with signage design being one of those things. The designs of signs that are compliant with these rules set by the government have features that make them easy to read and understand by everyone, even by those who have visual impairments.

Aside from showing customers that you are a business that abides by the law, it also won’t hurt you to know that non-compliance actually brings with it rather strict penalties and fines. A single reported violation can actually cost a company tens of thousands of dollars in fines. Apart from this, the company is also expected to change their signs into compliant ones, which can add more financial woes to the business.

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