Office Door Signs

Office door signs are, as the name implies, signs used on doors that are found in office buildings or leading to offices. While most people believe that such signs are just used to mark the doors that do lead to rooms which are used as offices, the reality is that these signs are actually signs that can be found on any door in office buildings, regardless of what they are for. This means that office door signs can be used to mark different kinds of doors.

So, what are the office door signs that offices need and where are these used? There are actually a few types of office door signs that are utilized by many different businesses and these include signs that show you where exits are, who occupies a specific office, whether you can enter a room or not, and many more. Some of these signs can be designed any which way you want, with only a few rules actually governing these. Other signs need to follow really strict rules, and these are the ones you need to be very careful with.

Office signs used on doors that lead to rooms or spaces that have very specific uses, like stairwells, kitchens and bathrooms, are called permanent room signs. These are the signs that need to follow a rather long list of rules, and these rules do need to be adhered to since these are actually set by the government. Also called ADA rules, signage guidelines for these signs include regulations for color combinations, fonts used, signage mounting height, and many more.

Other signs do not need all the features that ADA signs for permanent rooms need to have. These may require a few of the same features, like proper color contrast and fonts being used, but other than that, you won’t have to worry about tactile features and other similar concerns you have with permanent room signs. This will mean however that with all the signs you will need for your office, you will need to figure out which ones need to have all the ADA features listed for permanent room signs, and which ones need only have the barest minimum when it comes to ADA features.

How do you determine this? First, you need to find out which doors in your office are considered doors leading to what are called permanent rooms or spaces. These are rooms and spaces that are not going to change usage anytime soon, like bathrooms, kitchens, conference rooms, and stairwells. These are the doors that need to carry the signs that have tactile features such as braille and tactile characters.

Other doors need not have these tactile elements, as long as these doors do not lead to permanent spaces or rooms. You can however, decide to incorporate such features into all your signs for uniformity, regardless of whether these doors need such signs or not.

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