Custom Bathroom Signs

If you look closely at the restroom signs around you, you will notice that most if not all of these signs have rather common features on each one. You will see commonly used colors, commonly used fonts, and even symbols as well as pictograms that look alike. You may even find that these signs come in the same sizes, shapes, and are mounted at the same height from one restroom to the next, no matter where these can be seen.

There is a reason for this, and the reason is the ADA. The ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act, and this is a law that provides people with disabilities the same rights as everyone else, which includes access to restrooms. Since these signs help show people where these restrooms can be found, it was also seen that these need to be made in such a way that makes them easy to be used and understood by people with disabilities as well. Hence the use of features that make these easy to read, easy to see, and can be read with the use of the fingertips.

While most restroom signs you will find being used in many buildings around you come in almost identical designs, there are a few businesses that opt to create customized restroom signs for their establishments. Even while these are custom made, these still need to follow the strict rules set by the ADA, so these signs also need to carry the features that the government has mandated such signs should have. These include the right color contrasts, tactile features like braille and raised characters, and even mounting height.

When you are in a different country, you will notice that not all bathroom signs look the same, although a few countries do have similar signs as to what can be found in the US. This is because, while UN member countries do have to follow the rules set for the accessibility needs of people with disabilities, these member countries are free to translate these into what they think is best for people with disabilities. In other words, there are not set standards similar to that being used in the US for the creation of accessibility options as well as customized signs (like custom restroom signs) for establishments that the public can access.

This is what differentiates signs in the US from signs elsewhere in the world. When you customize signs elsewhere, these can usually be made any way that the establishment wants it to look (unless of course if the country has similar strict rules for compliance like the US does). In the US, customized signs still need to follow strict government guidelines, hence the presence of features that are common to all bathroom signs.

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