Door Signage

When you enter an office building, try to look around and see what kinds of door signage you can find. With your scrutiny, you will notice that there are quite a number of door signs all around you. There are also quite a number of signs that tell you where to go, where you are, and remind you of what you may be looking for.

Office buildings house numerous rooms, hence the huge number of door signs that can be found there. While these signs may be made in different colors, sizes, shapes, and use varying fonts, these things have a few things in common. A lot of these are used to mark the same kinds of rooms, even though they may be made very differently. A lot of these also carry important features that make them compliant to rules that the government has set for such signs, and these make these varying signs similar to one another.

To show you what different kinds of door signage types are often used in office buildings, here is a short list:

  • Bathroom Signs – each floor in a building will have at least one bathroom for each gender, although it is more than likely that these floors will have multiple bathrooms, depending on the number of occupants and rooms each floor has. More-often-than-not, these bathrooms will carry the same kinds of signs that you will find being used on bathrooms everywhere, and these are those blue and white signs that have the male, female, and wheelchair symbols on them. These signs should also carry braille translations on them, tactile characters, and should be mounted on the doorknob side of the wall beside the door it is marking.
  • Number Office Room Signs – the rooms on each floor will often carry a numbering sequence that indicates what floor you are on, and what the room’s number is. This is often the norm when it comes to office buildings that house a lot of different departments, rooms, and offices. This same numbering sequence is used for hotels, hospitals, and schools – 1002, 1202, 1402 – these indicate room 2 on the 10th floor, room 2 on the 12th floor, and room 2 on the 14th floor, respectively.
  • Designation Office Room Signs – these are different from number room signs in that these state what a specific room is used for. For example, if a room is a conference room, you will see the phrase “Conference Room” at the door. The same goes for closets, auditoriums, electrical rooms, and the like. You will also find these kinds of signs on stairwells, and exits, with these exact words being printed on these signs and posted either on the door, beside the door, or above it.
  • Name Room Signs – these signs are used to show people who is using a particular room or office, and is usually utilized for rather important people in the company. Managers, Vice Presidents, Editors-in-Chief, CEOs, and other high ranking office personnel will often find not only their designation posted on or beside the doors of their offices, but also their names.  

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