Engraved Door Signs

When you mention engraved door signs to a signage neophyte, the usual concept that pops into their heads is one of a sign that has gouged out parts that form the words and designs on the sign itself. While this is essentially what an engraved door sign is, signage that is made with the use of an engraving tool, this does not fully encapsulate what these signs really are. These are actually very versatile signs that can be used for a slew of things.

More-often-than-not, people think that when you choose to use engraved signs for your door signage, you are getting those thin, plastic signs that slide into slots or sign holders made out of aluminum. This is still one of the guises of such signs, but is not the only form that they take. Engraved door signs can come in many shapes, sizes, forms, and even material types.

Businesses everywhere use this particular type of sign because, aside from its durability, you can actually customize these in many ways. You can use different kinds of materials and material combinations in making engraved signage. Some businesses combine wood with metal, plastic with wood, glass with metal, and even metal with plastic when they design signs that are to be made with the use of an engraving tool.

These signs can be seen adorning doors and hallways in numerous buildings, marking doors that lead to doctors’ offices, law firms, classrooms, and even storage facilities. Engraved door signs can also be used to mark some of the more common spaces that we are all familiar with, like closets, conference rooms, bathrooms, and stairways. In short, engraved door signs can be used anywhere.

Some of these signs can be as intricate as they come, with a few sporting rather fancy designs and scrollwork on them. There are a number however that need to follow very strict rules and these are ADA signs that need to have features that make these easy to read and understand by anyone. These features include raised characters, Braille, and sans serif fonts.

The raised characters and Braille translations on these signs are made using engraving as well, with the surrounding parts being the ones gouged out, creating the much needed raised and tactile features for these. This shows you just how versatile this method of manufacturing can be, and how engraving can be used in creating compliant signage. This also shows you that you can make signs in many different ways using engraving and you can choose to use engraved signs for all your signage needs.

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