Indoor Signage

Businesses everywhere often use two different kinds of signs – indoor signage and outdoor signs. Dependent on the type of establishment using the signs come the types of signage that is crafted for these businesses. Some establishments require a lot of different kinds of signs for their visitors and employees to use while others tend to need just a few. To help you understand what kinds of indoor signage may be used by these businesses, here are a few of them:

-      Directories and maps – these kinds of signs are often used by buildings with lots of tenants or occupants in them. This kind of a sign is often found at the entryway of these buildings or right above the reception desk of such buildings. You can also find this on every floor of malls and of office buildings. These usually carry names of establishments in the building (if it were used in a mall), the office room numbers and names of the occupants of these offices (for office buildings), and tenant names as well as apartment numbers (for apartment buildings).

-      Permanent Room Signs – these are signs that mark certain rooms or spaces that won’t change usage anytime soon. Examples of such include bathrooms, stairwells, kitchens, closets and exits. These signs need to be mounted at a specific height and are required to be ADA compliant. This means that these signs need to have tactile letters, Braille translations and the right color contrasts in order for these to be deemed compliant.

-      Directional signs and wayfinding signs – also considered an indoor sign (although there are wayfinding signs that can be found outdoors as well), these help show people where to go with the help of directional arrows. These signs can be seen overhead in a number of places that include airports and train stations, and may or may not have pictograms on them. Sometimes, directories and directional signs merge to form the directional signage that you often see in hotels and hospitals (those signs that are mounted on walls and show you where radiology rooms are or where your hotel room is to be found).