Reserved Parking Sign

Signs that are made to help keep a parking slot open for specific individuals come in many different designs, and for very specific reasons. These signs can be found almost everywhere, from office building parking lots, to hospitals, to schools, and even to streets. These reserved parking signs are used by numerous organizations in order to have ready parking for vehicles driven by important individuals and by those who need these slots the most.

One of the most common reserved parking signs you will see is the one that reserves a parking spot for those with disabilities. You will see these handicap parking signs often posted on parking spots that are nearest the buildings these are used for. The reason why these are in these areas, and why these warrant such signs, is because of the fact that people with disabilities need these parking spots nearest buildings more than anyone else due to their debilitations. Reserving such slots for these individuals is a courtesy to them and is also part of the ADA.

Another commonly seen parking sign that reserves specific parking spots for individuals is the one that has the name of the individual on it. These are often found near office buildings, hospitals and schools. You will find that most of these reserved parking signs carry the names of some of the most important people in these establishments. Doctors often have their own reserved parking spaces in the parking lots of the hospitals they work for. High ranking executives also have their own parking spaces marked with their names near the buildings where they work. And school administrators and sometimes even faculty members also have this same privilege to make parking their cars less of a problem due to the many people using these parking facilities near the schools they teach at.

Another kind of reserved parking signage that you will also see around you is the one that reserves a space for specific kinds of vehicles, such as delivery trucks, school buses, and ambulances. These vehicles also have their own special spots in the parking lots their specific buildings use. This is also to ensure that these vehicles, which are important to the establishments they service, do not have to worry about not having a space to park at when they are not in use.

These reserved parking signs can be easily customized by your favorite signage manufacturer, and can carry almost any wording that you want. Apart from having the words Reserved Parking on them, you can also have specific wordings added to these, like the name of the individual who will use the space, the kind of vehicle the spot is for, and even what penalties will be meted out if someone else parks in that spot apart from who it is designated for.

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