Custom Wood Signs

When you try to customize wood signs, you will find that one of the things you will have a choice in, is in what kind of look you want your custom wood signs to have. Wooden signs can come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and along with these combinations come the kind of look that your sign will have. How you combine all of these elements, along with the fonts you use and the designs that you employ, will result in how your sign will look.

For instance, if you choose to use dark wood that has a weathered look and you have this shaped into a sign with uneven sides, then you use an uneven font on this design, and you will end up with a rustic looking sign. The combinations that you use will indeed give you the kind of look you want, with choices that result in signs looking modern, classic, whimsical, and homey among the resulting looks.

Lighter wood often exudes an air of hominess or fun. Darker wood often gives off a regal and serious air. Colored wood may seem like something out of the early 1900s, and polished wood in any shade will give off a classy and refined air.

What you use to mark these signs with can also affect the outcome of such signage. For example, if you choose to use paint instead of engraving on a sign, you will find that the resulting signage is one that look home-made and rustic. If you choose engraving instead of paint however, you will end up with a classic looking sign which can be easily compared to those used by old inns and taverns in the past.

Why you need a wooden sign should guide you in deciding what kind of look you want these to be in. If you are thinking of using these signs to create a signage for your homey little restaurant, then you might want to think along those lines – rustic and homey signage designs. If you are thinking of having a wooden sign crafted for an old fashioned tavern, then you should consider a look that is rather medieval or classic, with engraved and painted on designs.

When you are thinking of ordering a wooden sign for your steak house business, it might be a good idea to keep your signage lines clean and crisp. For those who want to create wooden signs for a camp, hand painted and unevenly cut signs may give you the kind of woodsy and homey feel you want. Always keep in mind, how you design your signs will have a bearing on what kind of ambiance and air you are trying to exude. What your signs look like will tell your customers what to expect and creating a sign that is not in line with what your business is about will only end up confusing your clientele. 

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