Signs that you need for your establishment can be crafted with the use of a wide variety of materials. Different manufacturers can present you with an extensive selection of products that can be used in creating indoor signs. The choices you make when it comes to what kinds of materials you want to use for your signs can have an impact on how your signs will look and how long these will last.

The materials that are used for your interior signs also dictate where these can be used and what kind of look these can exude. When you are aiming for a particular look or feel, it is best to know what types of materials can be used to create what you want. If you want a rustic looking sign, a sophisticated one or signs with a futuristic appeal, the materials you use can help you achieve such a look.

Here is a list of materials that you can use for your indoor signs and what these can bring to your signage needs:

  • Acrylic – signs made with the use of this material have that high-tech, sophisticated look that people want. This material comes in a wide variety of colors and is highly durable. Since acrylic can bend in heat, it can be shaped in many different waysInterior Office Signs. You can use this material to create interior signs that have a three-dimensional effect, signs that have different colored borders and signs with graphics or logos.
  • Corrugated Plastic – lightweight and cost effective, signs made with the use of this material usually have that simple yet durable look. This is a sign material that is easy to clean and maintain. Plastic is often the material of choice when you create directional and informational signs. Since plastic is also pretty easy to shape and mold, you can incorporate logos and graphic symbols on signs that are made with this material.
  • Aluminum – since aluminum does not rust and is highly durable as well as lightweight, this can be used both indoors and outdoors. Interior signs that may be exposed to outside light even when they are located indoors can be made with this material since these withstand the elements and constant exposure to sunlight without fading. Signs made with aluminum can also carry logos and graphic symbols, have borders or stripes, and can have additional lettering colors for added sophistication. The colors that you find on these signs are usually made with the use of baked enamel which may scratch easily so care is still needed when maintaining signs made with this particular material.
  • PVC – this is the material of choice for long term, indoor use. With its matte finish and non-glare properties, this is often used for ADA compliant signs. Medium weight and highly durable, this is used for customized signs and informational signs. Signs made with PVC often project a professional look.