Custom Office Door Signs

One of the things you need to consider when you are choosing custom office door signs for your office is the mounting method for these. While most people tend to use adhesive backing for their signage mounting needs, this kind of a method may not work with all types of signs. Some signs may be too heavy for some adhesives to work effectively for them and would then require better signage mounting equipment to help keep these in place.

The kind of mounting you choose for your office door signs will have to depend on a number of things and this includes the material used for creating the sign, the area where the sign is to be mounted, whether or not the sign will be changed frequently and the material of the area where the sign is to be placed. If your sign is too heavy and the mounting method you choose is insubstantial, chances are, your sign will fall off or the area where your sign is mounted will show signs of damage due to the improper mounting of such a sign.

To help you figure out what kind of mounting option is best for your sign, here are a couple of choices you can consider:

Foam tape – this kind of a mounting option is ideal for those signs that are made using lightweight materials. While most foam tapes used for such purposes come in industrial strength, you should know that these can only be used on smooth, non-porous surfaces. If your walls or doors have porous or textured surfaces, this is not the right mounting option for you to use. You will also need to ensure that the surface the sign is to be mounted on using this particular method is clean and dry to ensure maximum adhesion.

This kind of a mounting option is semi-permanent and is not ideal for those who are thinking of replacing their custom office door signs frequently. Since the adhesives on the foam tape used for this purpose is usually of an industrial quality, you will need to use adhesive removers to effectively take down these signs without damaging the surface of the area the sign is mounted on.

Screws – screwed mounting options are also ideal for those signs that are meant to stay where they are for a long period of time, although a screwed mounting bracket can be used for interchangeable signs as well, if this particular mounting option comes with a bracket where signs can be slid in and out. These need to be screwed into walls and doors and are considered permanent since removal will leave behind telltale holes that will make the surface look unsightly.

Screw mounting is often chosen by those who know that the signs to be mounted are indeed there to stay. These are also used when the signs to be posted are heavy or are made of heavy materials, such as wood and metal. Some plastic signs are also mounted using this particular method when the plastic material being used also has a bit of weight on it and cannot be effectively mounted using other methods.

There are still other mounting choices that can be considered for your signage mounting needs. Options like Velcro, magnetic tape and even cubicle hooks or fangs can be considered, depending on your specific mounting needs and what kinds of custom office door signs you have. We will try to tackle these other different mounting methods in the future for you to be able to choose what kind of mounting method is best for your particular mounting needs.

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