Engraved Office Signs

Engraved office signs are one of the types of signs some people choose to use for their offices and for a good reason. These signs can be made in many different ways and using a variety of materials. These can also be made to be used with a wide variety of mounting options.

When it comes to the mounting options that one has for office signs that are engraved, the choices can sometimes dictate how a sign is used. For example, if you have your name engraved on a sign plate for your office, you can actually choose to use this on your desk with the use of a frame where you can insert the plate with your name on it. You can also opt to have this same name plate mounted on the side of your door or on the door itself with a frame that you either stick or screw onto your door.

The engraved signs that you can choose to have crafted for your office can be made using materials that can easily fit into these mounting options. These materials include plastic, aluminum, brass and stainless steel, among others. The office signs that you order for your business will be engraved on thin plates, according to your specifications, and mounting options will be presented to you once you are done selecting some of the options available for your engraved signage.

If the signs that you need for your office need to be ADA compliant, then features like Braille translations, tactile lettering and contrasting colors will be available options as well. Sign fonts, sign alignment and signage size will also be part of the choices you have to make. While most signage companies offer you a number of mounting choices for free with your sign order, some still offer a variety of mounting options apart from what is available for free with your sign.

Engraved Signs

Mounting options that are separate from your signage orders are often extra and, as such, will come with an additional cost. If you would rather choose a separate mounting option for your signs this way, you can do so. This is often ideal when the mounting you want is not available with the engraved signs that you are thinking of ordering.

Since most of the free mounting options that you get when you order a sign is not the frame-type mounting that can use interchangeable inserts, those who need to have mounting for rooms that constantly change occupants should check out such sign mounting choices. These include wall brackets, desk holders, door sign holders and counter stands, to name a few. These are usually manufactured using a variety of metals and plastic in many different colors.