Architectural Sign Systems

You may have heard of the term “architectural sign systems” and you may have read about what these are as well as what these do. You may have also heard that these signs can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are made in such a way that complements the building it is being used on. But, do you know that there are quite a number of architectural signage systems that you can choose from?

In choosing an architectural signage system, some of the things you will need to consider include whether or not the entries on these signs will change frequently, or if these are to carry the same copy on them for a long period of time. Another consideration that needs to be made when it comes to these signs is where these are to be used, which in turn brings about the types of materials that can be used for these varied situations. To help you see what we mean, here are some architectural sign system types that you can choose from:

Modular Architectural Sign Systems – these are architectural sign systems that have parts you can interchange when needed. These systems are ideal for those businesses and buildings that see a constant change in room occupants over time, but do not want to change whole directories, have new door signs and directional signage every time there is a change. When you have modular signage systems, you can simply have your sign maker create new entries for your new tenants or room occupants while still retaining the main sign system.

Modular signage systems are often chosen by businesses and buildings that know they will see a constant change in occupancy. Using a modular type of system will allow them the flexibility to change individual entries without having to change entire directories, directional signs and even door signs. All they need to do is to insert the newly made piece into the system and they are good to go. These can be made using certain lightweight metals such as aluminum, and easy to mold and mark materials like plastic.

Permanent Sign Systems – for those companies and businesses that do not change room occupancy that frequently, as well as those who use numbers and general room names on their directories, room signs and directional signs, this kind of a system will definitely work well enough. These are often made of solid pieces with the entries marked directly on it. You can see these signs mounted overhead, on posts or on walls, and marking methods used on them may include engraving, printing and painting, depending on what the company deems is ideal.

These signs can be made using a wide array of materials that include acrylic, wood, stone, metal and many more. The material that is chosen for these types of architectural sign systems often depends on the designs that the company chooses for their systems, as well as on the budget that is set for their signage needs. The designs are dependent on what vision the company has for these sign systems, and what their chosen sign designer believes is ideal for the company’s image, the design of the building and other similar factors.

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