Interior Office Signage

Did you know that the term “interior office signage” can easily mean a wide array of signs that are found inside offices? These can be signs that are ADA compliant, non-compliant, temporary, permanent, wall mounted, ceiling mounted, and so on. In fact, any sign that is found inside your office can be easily called an interior office sign.

If you are to ask what exactly the different kinds of interior office signs you can have made for your business, here are some of the more commonly used ones by businesses everywhere:

Directional Signs – these are signs that are used to show people where to go and use arrows, pictograms, and text to do this. In order for these signs to be compliant with ADA guidelines, you need to ensure that these signs carry the right color contrasts, the correct character size corresponding with the mounting height and size of the sign, as well as the right sign finish to ensure that there is no glare to it when people read it.

Branding Signs – these are signs that show people what your company name is or what your office is all about. These can be made using a wide variety of materials, can be lighted, can be as artistic as you want it to be and can be dimensional, depending on what you want. These signs need not comply with ADA standards and can be crafted any which way you want. This can be as simple as your company logo, your company name or can be as complete as carrying your company’s name, logo, address and slogan.

Room Signs – these are signs that are used to show people which person uses what room and what a room’s designation is. These can carry either names of people, numbers, letters, alpha-numeric combinations and many more, depending on the preference of the company using such signs. Such interior office signage can be subject to the strict rules of the ADA that include the need for Braille translations and tactile letters, to name but a couple. This usually depends on whether or not the room the sign is to be used on is deemed as a permanent room, or a space that won’t change its usage or purpose anytime soon.

Information Signs – directories belong to this interior office signage category. These need to follow only a few ADA rules like color contrast and proper character size to reading distance ratios. These signs also need to have non-glare finishes and are usually mounted at the entrance of buildings or right behind reception desks.