Indoor and Outdoor Wall Mounted Signage

When you mention wall mounted signs to someone, the most likely description you will get from them regarding these signs are those that can be seen flush on walls, outside buildings or inside offices, telling you what company is in that building or office. While technically these are indeed wall mounted signs (since these are found attached to walls), these are not the only signs that can be considered as such. There are many types of signs that can use such a moniker, and many different purposes for such signs.

Aside from signs that are sticking flat onto walls, signs that are attached to brackets, whether as a hanging sign, or a double-sided one, are also considered wall mounted signage. This is because of the simple fact that these are mounted onto walls, with the use of brackets this time. The brackets used for these signs can be straightforward ones that simply allow these signs to be attached to the wall in a way that facilitates the need for such signage to be seen on both sides, or fancy ones with scrollwork, lattices, and chains that hold these signs up for all to see.

Wall mounted signage can be used to show people a variety of messages. This can include the name of the office found under or near that sign, directional signage, exit signs, and even restroom signs. These signs are mounted on walls for people to easily see them from a distance, and the size of the sign usually has a bearing on how high it is mounted.

Wall Mounted Sign

Also part of the signs that belong to this particular type of signage are ADA compliant office door signs. Since the ADA mandates that signs that are to be used to mark doors leading to rooms, whether permanent or otherwise, be mounted on the wall beside the door it is marking, these signs are then, as you guessed it, wall mounted signs! These signs can be used to indicate room numbers, names of people in certain offices, permanent room names such as bathrooms and kitchens, and many more. As long as the sign is mounted on a wall, it is one of these types of signs.

Now, if you really think about it, almost all signs are actually wall mounted ones. This is because majority of signs are indeed attached to walls. Be it directional signs, directories, restroom signs, room signs, and even signs that show you where elevators, ramps and other accessibility options can be found, if these are attached to walls, they are part of this huge family of signs.

Of course, you should also be aware that when people talk about directional signs, directories, and the like, not all of these are necessarily wall mounted signs. Some establishments choose to be different when it comes to their signage mounting options, and sometimes they choose their directories and directional signs to be mounted on stands that are on the floor. Some of these businesses also choose to have their signs mounted onto their ceilings to allow for greater visibility.

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