Establishments should always consider what is best for the people who work in their offices as well as for those who visit their place of business. The design of the building, the entryways and exits, the offices and places where people work or where they stay during their breaks are a few of the things that should be carefully deliberated on. Also included in the list of such considerations are the signs that are used to show a person where to go.

Apart from having to comply with local and state laws regarding accessibility, all of these should also be aesthetically pleasing while being functional at the same time. When it comes to the design of the structure and everything in it, architects and engineers are the ones that need to confer on this, with the approval of the building owner, of course. When it comes to your directional signs and the other signs needed by your facility, you might want to discuss these with your chosen sign specialist.

When it comes to the factors that are important when dealing with signs, here are a few that should be on your list:

  • User Experience – directional signage are there for a reason, and that reason is for people to be able to find their way around your establishment. These signs tell you where you are and these also tell you what direction to take to get to where to go. For these to be easy to use, straightforward and uncluttered designs should be considered. These signs should easily tell users which way is the quickest route to take to their destination and back.
  • Design Cohesion – the design of your signs should complement your building and its décor. While these signs should stand out to be easily noticeable, these should not stand out too much and be too conspicuous or even seem out of place. Your signage should blend with your architectural model and support your brand while being easy to notice at the same time.

Basic Signage Considerations – of course, your directional signs need to follow certain guidelines and rules that are ideal for their particular use. Placement, installation, color contrasts, fonts, ratios of character size and ADA compliance are just some of the things you have to think about when creating these signs. Material type and cost are also considerations you need to think about and deliberate over before having these signs made.