Custom Bathroom Signs

When you are thinking of buying signs for your business, included in the list of the signs that you are most likely to purchase are bathroom signs. After all, every business and establishment is required to have this facility, and for people to easily find this, signs are needed. The question that needs to be asked about such a purchase is whether or not you should have custom bathroom signs made or should you simply get yourself stock signs?

One of the concerns some people have when it comes to customization, which is why such a question arises, is cost. There is this belief that anything you customize will cost more, and this belief is within reason. If you were to have special clothes made for yourself, these are usually more expensive than things you simply buy off the rack, right? So the notion that custom signage will indeed cost more than stock ones is somewhat understandable.

Now, to answer that question, you will need to take a number of things into consideration. Will the materials you will be using for your custom bathroom signage be the same as the stock signs that are being sold or will you be using other material types? Are these signs to be totally customized or only parts of it will be? These questions, and a few more, need to be asked in order to help you ascertain whether or not these signs will indeed cost more or just cost the same as stock signage.

So, to answer this one question, you need to ask yourself a few more questions. What materials are you to use for your signage? Will these signs be made out of the same materials that stock signs come in or do you require special materials for these? When businesses have custom signs made for their offices, bathroom signs that are ordered for these very same spaces are often made from the same materials that are used for the other signs there. If these office signs are made out of special materials, as per the signage design that the company wants, then the most likely answer to the material question is yes, special materials will be needed for these custom bathroom signs. This can mean that these signs will cost more than stock ones, or at the very least, cost the same as the other customized signs that you ordered.

It is therefore safe to say that, if you are to have your custom bathroom signage made using the same materials as your other custom signs, and the materials used are not your regular, stock-type materials, then your custom restroom signs will indeed be costlier than stock signage. If these signs were to be customized to carry only different wordings as the ones that are available or stock, but uses the same materials that such stock signage use, then the possibility of these costing the same as these ready-made signs is high.

So, what should you choose in this case? Well, the decision actually depends on what your business wants – whether it wants uniformity in all its signs or not – and your sign budget. If your budget allows for uniformity, which means your bathroom signage can have the same look as your other office signs, then it might be a good idea to have these made using the same designs and materials as your other office signs. If, however, your budget only allows you to customize your office signs, then stock bathroom signs may be your only option. Either way, you still have signs that point people in the right direction of your restrooms, whether these are custom bathroom signs or stock ones. 

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