Restroom SignsIf you constantly see restroom signs that carry the same pictograms as shown in the picture here, then you might have also wondered whether there are other designs for such signs or are these all that can be used. Well, as it turns out, restroom signs need to follow a particular design in order for these to be ADA compliant. That does not mean however that these designs are your only option when it comes to these signs.

Restroom signs can actually be customized to look unique and different from other bathroom signs, as long as you do find ways to integrate some of the ADA guidelines for signage into these. For example, if you are not going to use the usual pictogram that is used by most bathroom signs, but opt to use a unique image for your sign, you should incorporate the ISA (International Symbol of Access) into your sign or have Braille added to this sign to make up for the disappearance of the usual bathroom symbols.

Another thing you can do, if you want to use unique images or pictograms on your restroom signs, is to make sure that you have an alternate sign that is ADA compliant as a supplemental sign to your unique one. Make sure that your ADA compliant sign is placed in the mounting location that it needs to be in for compliance’s sake. While this may mean an added expense on your part, at least you do have the innovative sign you want for your bathroom while still being compliant.

Bathroom Signs

While unique bathroom signs may be allowed by some states as long as another sign that is compliant with ADA rules is present, some states may not be as lenient or accommodating. In order for you to know whether or not you are allowed to do this, you should first find out whether your state’s ADA rules allow for such a provision. You might also want to ask an ADA sign expert about this in order for you to confirm whether or not you can do this, before you go and spend good money on an idea that may not work.

In other countries, unique bathroom signs are rather commonplace. This is because they are not governed by ADA laws. Since the ADA is only for Americans (it is, after all, the Americans with Disabilities Act), other countries see a wide variety of restroom signs being used, with some opting for funny designs while others choose to use artistic ones.