Door Signs for Offices

Ordering door signs for offices can be an easy enough endeavor, if you know what designs you can and cannot use for your business. While there are a lot of designs that you may want to utilize for your office, you should be aware that some designs may not be ideal for what you need. There are rules that need to be followed for a number of door signs and indoor signs you may need and it will help you if you know what these rules are.

Some of the door signs that you will need to have made for your establishment have to follow the rules that the government has set. These rules require specific elements to be on these signs, which is why knowledge of what you can and cannot do with these signs is necessary. There are a few of these that may not require adherence to ADA rules, so for these signs you can do what you want.

When it comes to permanent door signs, you will definitely need to comply with ADA guidelines. This means that these particular door signs cannot be made using just any kind of material and cannot carry any fancy scripts or fonts. These signs should also have tactile letters on them and Braille translations of the message on them. Also needed for these signs is the use of all upper case letters for the wording.

For door signs that carry the name of the occupant, ADA rules do not necessarily apply to these since these are considered changeable signs. Since offices and cubicles in buildings can change occupants anytime, these signs need not comply with ADA standards. You can, however, have the same ADA components on these signs if you wish to.

Materials that you can use for these signs often depend on whether or not these door signs need to be compliant with ADA standards. For those that are required to follow ADA accessibility guidelines for signage, you will need to choose materials that have a non-glossy finish and the messages on these signs need to follow strict rules for font usage, character size and color contrast. You will also need to make sure that these signs are mounted in the right spot and at the right height for these to be truly compliant with ADA standards.

If you need help determining which signs can and cannot be designed any which way you want, you might want to get in touch with sign designers that know exactly what limitations and options you have when it comes to custom door signs for your business.