Handicap Parking Don't

There have been many cases recently of people choosing to ignore these signs when they come across them. These signs are not that easy to ignore nor are they difficult to recognize since these have used the same design for decades now. Not only are these highly visible due to the fact that these are mounted on poles that are pretty tall (this is to make these visible even when a van is parked in the slot that this is marking), but these also come with the spaces allocated for them painted with the same design.

When you come across these signs, if you do not have a disability, you should not occupy this space. There have been images circulating online of vehicles parking in these spots when they have no right to do so. If you find yourself facing such spots and seeing such signs, here are some do’s and don’ts that you should take note of:

DO NOT Park in these spots – unless if you have someone with a disability with you or you have a disability that requires you to use these parking spaces, you cannot and should not park in these spaces. There is a reason why these spaces are marked with the wheelchair symbol, and that is to reserve these for those who have disabilities. These parking spots are also placed in a location that is easier for those with disabilities to access and use, and depriving them of the space that is ideal for them is against the law.

DO Report vehicles that are obviously not owned or carrying someone with a disability parked in these spots – report to law enforcement or to the building administration if you see a vehicle parked in these slots that are not meant for them. You should look for a tag or sticker that indicates the car is indeed carrying someone with a disability in it. If it does not have the tag that indicates this, take note of the license number of the vehicle and report this infraction.

DO be vigilant when you see violations like these – you may have seen lots of pictures and videos of vehicles violating the rule on handicap parking spaces. Even with these signs being very visible, some people still choose to ignore what these handicap parking signs mean. Some of the people who violate this particular mandate are even in law enforcement. When you see these violations, get people to know that this is wrong by telling them, if you see them when they are using these spaces. You can also inform others that this is wrong by taking pictures and making these go viral as what not to do when you see these signs and these parking spaces. 

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