Engraved Office Door Signs

Compliance to ADA guidelines always leaves people believing that their signs will end up looking ugly and unattractive. This is untrue, although it was a reality that people had to live with in the past, before sign makers found ways to make great looking signs while still staying compliant. How can you inject some artistry into your engraved office signs without putting yourself in jeopardy for non-compliance?

One of the things you can do is to talk with your signage designer. These professionals, specifically those who are well versed in the many nuances of the laws that govern ADA signs, can give you insights on how these signs can be tweaked to make them more pleasing to the eye while still remaining compliant. Some companies employ such designers for their design needs, with fees being charged to those who order only a few customized signs to be designed by them, while others offer such a service for free to every person who orders any sign, no matter the quantity.

Another thing you can do is to create your own sign designs according to what you want, but with ADA rules in mind. This will involve some researching and tweaking in order to make your own designs comply with the many standards set by the government for these, but with some careful study, you can do it. You can check out examples online so that you will get a general idea as to what can and cannot be done when it comes to customizing engraved office signs.

You can also consider adding artistic touches to these signs without really changing any of the features of the sign itself. This can be done with the use of artistic mounting options. You can choose to have frames that are unique and imaginative used for these signs. You can also opt for distinctive color combinations to be used on these, as long as these are still within the prescribed 70% color contrast and non-glare rules that are set by the government for these.

The fonts that you can use for these ADA signs are set at sans serif options. You will find that a lot of these choices are actually nice enough to be considered for an artsy looking sign. If you find that not one of the prescribed fonts is ideal for what you are thinking of putting together, there is another way for you to get that great looking sign on your door.

While this idea may cost you a bit more than you might have planned, it can give you the artistic and amazing looking sign you want. What you can do is to have two signs made for your door – an engraved office sign that is compliant with all the rules set by the ADA can be mounted in the ADA mandated spot beside your door (on the doorknob side, 60 inches from the floor) and another for mounting on the door itself with all the artistic ideas you want to have on it (script fonts, glossy finish, etc.). This way, you are still compliant AND you get the door sign that you want as well.

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