Engraved Office Signs

When you are faced with numerous options for your office signage, one of the things you need to think about is whether the choice you make can be used to create ADA compliant signs. This is an important consideration you need to think about since majority of the signs you will be using for your office needs to have features that are compliant with rules set by the ADA. This is where engraved office signs come in.

Signs that are made using engraving as the marking medium are often chosen for the creation of signs used by many offices and companies primarily because this particular manufacturing method can indeed create the ADA compliant features needed for these signs. This is because engraving machines these days can easily make the raised characters and even domed braille translations most of these signs need to have. These machines can also create these features with the prescribed dimensions for compliance.

While some people believe that engraving machines, and the method itself, cannot create artistic and visually appealing signs for offices, and other uses, they cannot be more wrong. With the latest equipment being used for creating engraved signs these days being controlled by computers, and having more precise mechanisms in them, intricate and artistic signs can actually be made via engraving. You can even combine artistic features with ADA compliant ones in a sign that is both aesthetically pleasing and law abiding.

Being the usual choice for the creation of ADA signage, engraved signs often get a bad rap as being commonplace and too mainstream for those who want unique looking signs. You can actually use this method to create very artistic and distinctive signs since, as mentioned earlier, majority of the latest engraving machines used for such a purpose (signage creation) is computer controlled. Of course, you will still need to integrate the much needed ADA features such signs require to avoid penalties that come with neglecting to add these in.

If you want to know more about your options when it comes to engraved office signs, unique design ideas for these and ADA compliance, you should talk with a compliance expert who is also adept at signage design. There are many signage designers who are well versed in the rules set for ADA signs, and know how to add these in without having to compromise on aesthetics for such signage.

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