Engraved Office Signs


You may have heard the term “engraved office signs” a number of times already and while it is not easy to misunderstand what this term means, a lot of people do not really know what kinds of signs these actually are and where these can be found. Engraved office signs can actually be found in a number of places inside an office (hence the office signs term), and in many guises. What exactly are the forms and variants that these signs can come in? Here are a few:

-      Desk engraved office signage – these are those signs that you can see on the desks of lawyers, managers, directors and even on reception desks and concierge desks. These engraved items are often made with a wide variety of materials, depending on what the business or desk user wants. Some of the most commonly used materials for this include marble, plastic, aluminum and stainless steel. Some people choose to use gold plated plates that are screwed onto wooden bases while others choose to use all wood, all plastic or all metal signs for their desks.

-      Wall engraved office signs – these engraved wall mounted signs are often used for a number of purposes, which include marking areas where telephones can be found, where bathrooms are located and telling you what floor you might be on. You can also find signs like these informing you of a room’s usage and who is using a particular office. These signs can carry both the person’s name and designation. Sometimes, these signs also carry the room name or number, depending on what identification system a particular office is using. These signs can be mounted either flat on walls, hung overhead or mounted on the wall using brackets to make these visible from both sides of a hallway. Usually, signs mounted like this are double sided.

-      Engraved door signs – these signs are similar to some wall signs in some aspects. These are often made with materials like plastic, metal and sometimes wood. These also carry a person’s name and designation and may also carry the room number or room name on it. The specific difference between these signs and wall mounted signs is in where these are mounted. These are often affixed to the door of the office in question (hence the name “door signs”) or installed above or beside the door of the office it is being used for.