Directory Signs

Whether these are used for buildings that house different offices for one company, or offices for many different businesses, you will find that directory signs are very useful. You can see these being used in buildings that house doctors’ clinics, small businesses, and even offices for specific divisions of a big business. These are often located in the central area of such buildings, which is either the reception area or the lobby where the elevators can be found.

Office directory signs are made to help people easily find their way around an establishment even when they have no one to ask directions from. As long as they know who or what they are looking for, the use of these signs will assist them in finding what they need to find. In order for such a sign to be effective, these need to have very specific features that can assist people in locating offices and rooms when there is no one to inquire or ask help from.

Some of the features that you can easily see on almost all directory signs include the following:

Building Name – in order for people to be sure that they are in the right building, the building’s name is usually found on the topmost part of these directories. Some carry only the building name while others carry the address of the building as well. This is to help people save time in locating the offices they need, should they find themselves in the wrong building.

Floors – these signs also carry the floor numbers of the building, with the directories sometimes arranged according to these floors. Sometimes these directories will have numerous entries for a single floor, particularly if these are rented out to many different entities at the same time. Sometimes a single floor will have only one entry on it and this is when the entire floor is leased to a single company.

Room Numbers – you will find these at the very end of the entries of these directories, and are often arranged according to floor as well. Sometimes however, if these buildings house different offices for those who have similar work, say clinics for doctors, you will find these arranged according to specialization. For example, the first part of the directory will carry the clinics of allergists, followed by anesthesiologists and cardiologists. These will be in alphabetical order, with the clinic room number being found at the end of these entries.

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