Braille signs are signs that are used by establishments not only to comply with ADA rules, but to also help those with visual impairments to easily understand what these say. To find out more about custom Braille signs, here are some links you can try:

Custom Braille Signs: Which Office Signs Need to Have Braille on Them?this post tells you which office signs need to carry Braille translations on them and why. Read this to find out which of your office signs should be customized to carry Braille translations.

Custom Braille Signs: Where Are These Signs Often Used? – this tells you which signs you should have Braille added to when it comes to different businesses, not just offices. Other establishments also need to have Braille signs used in certain areas, and these include establishments like hotels, hospitals, and schools. Read more about this here.

ADA Sign Rules and Allowable Color Combinations for Custom Braille Signs – find out what ADA rules for signage apply to custom Braille signs. Since not all ADA signs follow the same set of rules, this post may help you determine what features your custom Braille signs should have and what rules these should follow.

Custom Braille Signs and the Options You Have for Thesefind out what customization options you have when you need to customize your Braille signs. You don’t have to settle for stock or standard signage when you create signs that need to have Braille on them since there are some rules that allow you to tweak your signs within specific guidelines. Read about it here.

Designing Custom Braille Signs for Your Business – get some advice on how to design you custom Braille signs without compromising either compliance or aesthetics. Read about your options and what ideas you can use here.