Interior Signage

When your company needs interior signage, one of the things that you need to get approval on is the budget. Next on this list would be the signage design. For some businesses, budget is not an issue, and the only concern that you will have when it comes to obtaining such signs is the design. How do you find the best design for your company’s indoor signage needs?

Budget constraints or not, finding the kind of sign design that your company will be proud of requires a bit of work. This is because of the fact that not only will you need to come up with the kinds of signs that can capture the attention of the people who will encounter them, but you will also need to have these to show people what kind of company you are. Aside from these considerations, you will also need to ensure that all the signs that you design are compliant with the standards set by the ADA for indoor signage.

With that said, probably the easiest route for you would be to get a professional sign designer to get this job done. If you think that this would cost you extra, think again. All you need to do in order to get your sign designs made by a pro (who is also adept at creating signs that are in line with the rules set by the government for these particular signs) is to find a sign manufacturer that actually offers a design service for free when you tap them for their manufacturing service.

Another route would be to find the right designs for your office yourself (since you do know what image your business wants to exude) and if you have no clue as to where inspiration can be had, try to look around you. You can make an excursion out of this and go around town, looking at the signs other businesses are using. Signs in hotels, in office buildings, and in hospitals may also offer you some insight on the kind of signs you might want to use for your business.

Going out to check out signs is one way of getting ideas, and another is to go online and check out the many signs different signage manufacturers make (or made) for others. You need not copy what you see, if you want really unique signs for your company. All you will need to do with what you see is to gather ideas from these and to use the inspiration you get from these many different designs to put together your own interior signage designs for your business.

You will need to keep in mind though that when you design these things that the ADA rules you need to follow will have to come into play. For you to be able to do this the right way without having to spend more in having signs remade to include features that you may have forgotten to add, make a list of all the signs that need to follow a specific set of rules, and design those with these rules in mind.

Put all permanent room signs on one list, directional signs on another list, and other types of signs on another list. If you are thinking of creating different designs for each floor of your building or area of your company, you should also put these in their own individual lists, according to floor or department. Just make sure that no matter how different the designs you make for these interior signage that ADA signage rules should always be applied to these in order to avoid non-compliance issues with your signs.

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