Reserved Parking Sign

You’ve seen these signs in many parking lots and parking facilities around you, and you usually see names on these signs at times. These signs are used to reserve spaces for specific vehicles and are placed right at the end of the space on a post to make these easy to see and read. These reserved parking signs are made specifically for people who need these spaces more than others, and for different reasons.

Who deserves a reserved parking spot and why are these spaces kept vacant specifically for these people? Many people have spots reserved for them in parking lots and facilities that are connected with their company or the building that they frequent. And the reasons why these spots are reserved for them vary from one to another. To show you who gets such spots for their vehicles, here are some of them:

Handicap Parking Signs – when you see a sign that has the ISA, or international symbol for accessibility, on it, then you should be aware that this particular parking spot is reserved for vehicles that are either driven by or is carrying someone with a disability. You will notice that these parking spaces are usually found near the entrances of the buildings these are made for, and the reason why these spots are reserved for people with disabilities is because these give them easier access to the building. This is in consideration for whatever their debilitations may be. These spots also usually have a ramp near them on the curb.

Management Reserved Parking Signs – you will notice that most office buildings will have a few parking spaces marked off with signs that say Reserved for CEO, or Reserved for Chairman, or Reserved for whoever is considered top management in these offices. This is a privilege given to those who either own the company, or have risen in the ranks to make it to that select circle. These parking spaces are usually found near building entrances as well, and are usually well lit. Apart from office buildings, you will find these kinds of reserved spaces in other institutions as well, like schools (reserved spots for the Dean, Principal, etc.), and hospitals (reserved spots for Hospital Administrator, Head Surgeon, etc.) where parking can also be a problem.

Vehicle Type Parking Signs – you will also find parking signs that are made to reserve spots for vehicles that the company or institution owns. These can be made for such vehicles like armored trucks, delivery vans, ambulances, and school buses. Vehicles that park in these reserved spots and are not actually the ones that these spots are for, are usually towed away, fined, or ticketed for taking up parking spaces that they are not authorized to use.

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