Custom Office Door Signs

Creating custom office door signs is a great way for your company to stay true to its brand. You can incorporate some of the elements that can be found on your company’s logo into your office door signs. For example, if you have unique looking fonts, you can use a similar looking font for your signs, provided that these are sans serif and within the ADA’s guidelines for fonts to be used on door signs.

This is not the only idea you can use for your office door signage. As long as you follow the guidelines that the ADA has set for signage, you can tweak your signs to your heart’s content. All you need to do is to think of how you can create eye-catching and imaginative signs that help boost your company’s image and at the same time, serve whatever purpose the sign is supposed to serve.

One of the things you can do to customize your door signs is to adopt the color scheme of your company logo. If your logo is multi-color, you can choose the most prominent two colors and use this for your signs. You may need to tweak the shades of both colors a bit to fit the prescribed 70% color contrast required by the ADA.

Apart from the font and the color scheme, you can also use some elements that are used in your company name sign to enhance your door signs. For instance, if your company name sign comes with a uniquely shaped background, you can use the same unique shape for your door signage background as well. You can also choose to simply emulate the uniqueness of the shape and have your signs mounted on similarly distinctive looking pieces but not necessarily the same shape all around.

The materials you use for your door signs can also copy those that are used by your company name or logo. If you are using stone and metal, you can copy this, but be sure to adhere with ADA regulations when you do so. Since the ADA mandates that all signs used for doors should be made with non-gloss or non-glare material, if your company logo uses shiny metal as one of the materials, you may need to use a non-gloss version of that metal for your door signs.

Find out how you can create unique looking custom office door signs without skirting any of the rules set by the ADA for these by talking with a signage expert who is well-versed when it comes to these regulations. You can also contact us today to find out what your options are when it comes to customizing your office door signage, and other signs your business may need.

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