ADA Compliant SignageYou may not realize it yet, but your ADA compliant signs can actually save you money. It can even make you money, but we will tackle that later. Right now, let us find out how ADA compliant signage can save your business some money.

Now, it is pretty much common knowledge for businesses and other publicly accessible establishments that the use of signs that are compliant with the rules set by the ADA is a must. There are some however who believe that these signs are not really necessary, and they make the mistake of not following the guidelines set by the ADA for such signs. While ADA signs are not more expensive than other signs, with some of these are actually cheaper than some of the other signs that people order for their businesses, these businesses do not add the much needed ADA features on these signs.

The primary reason why the ADA features are not added to these is aesthetics. The fonts that you can use for these signs can be rather limited (sans serif fonts only), and the color combinations can also be rather limiting (specific color contrasts needed). While these do not necessarily translate to ugly signs, some people think that not being able to use the fonts and colors they want will lead to ugly signage.

What these people may not be aware of is that, today’s sign making technology can actually help produce amazing looking signs. These is because of the use of sign making machines that can create refined and well-made signs that have the features that are needed for compliance. There are also a lot of sans serif fonts that are rather artistic looking, and color combinations for ADA signs do not necessarily mean blue and white, or black and white only.

Now, after all this, how can you save money with ADA compliant signage? The answer is simple, really. Using these signs will mean that you are following the rules of the government, which means you are not violating any laws, and this in turn helps you avoid the fines and penalties that come with non-compliance. And that is not all. When you comply with ADA rules regarding signage (as well as accessibility options), you will not be opening yourself up to the chances of getting sued by unscrupulous individuals out to make a quick buck.

There are some people who go around looking for businesses that lack compliance features (ramps, parking spaces, and signs made specifically for people with disabilities), and when they find these businesses, they sue these for discrimination. When an establishment is found without these features, the complainant can actually get compensation, depending on the severity of the non-compliance, and what the person claims to have suffered from such an issue.

Another way these signs save you money is when you do not need to have signs remade to be compliant. Aside from being fined and penalized for not having the signs needed for compliance, you will also be required to replace your existing signs to make these compliant. This is where added costs come in since you will need to have new signs made. So it is indeed better to comply with these rules, since not doing so will probably cost you more than you would have thought it would.

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