ADA Sign Designing

Some people have the mistaken notion that an ADA sign cannot be aesthetically pleasing. You cannot really blame them for thinking this way since ADA signage does come with numerous restrictions and regulations that do make it rather difficult to come up with beautiful designs. Do take note – it is “difficult” but not impossible.

Aesthetically appealing ADA signs are not a rarity these days, but in the old days, the concept was seen as an impossible thing. This is due to the fact that people were not yet that well versed with the guidelines that covered ADA signage, and at the same time, the equipment used then did not allow for the creation of attractive signs that were compliant with ADA rules.

These days, more and more signage companies, as well as their sign designers, know how to create really beautiful signs without having to worry about compliance issues. This is because of the careful study of the rules in terms of what can be done to make signs look pleasing to the eye as well as compliant at the same time. They do this by taking their cue from the allowable color contrasts, fonts, borders and the like.

There are a lot of color combinations that you can choose from, not just the usual white over blue and white over black that most people believe ADA signs should come in. You can also have your pick of fonts that are sans serif for your signage. As long as you follow the basic rules that cover character height, tactile letters and Braille translations on these signs, you can easily create good looking signs for your business.

For those who do not want their ADA signs to be tweaked aesthetically, but still want some of their architectural signs and indoor signage to look pleasing, one other option is to employ the double signage method. You can have totally customized signs crafted for your business and have ADA signs created for compliance as well. These can be placed side by side on the wall where the signs are to be mounted, or you can put the ADA sign on the wall where it should be and your aesthetically pleasing sign on the door or elsewhere.

As you can see, you do not need to sacrifice aesthetics for compliance. You can have both with the help of expert sign designers who know how to tweak your signs so that these are nice to look at and are compliant at the same time.