Custom ADA Signs

If you are thinking of increasing the aesthetic quality of your offices, you should consider having your custom ADA signs made in such a way that they enhance how your office looks. This is now doable these days with the present sign making technologies we have and with the better understanding sign makers have of the ADA rules that govern these signs. In the past, this was not the case and sign manufacturers struggled with creating customized signs that are both ADA compliant as well as beautiful to look at.

When you are thinking of enhancing your office’s décor, the solution that is usually chosen is the addition of other decorative elements to the office in question. While this is still a good idea, why not hit two birds with one stone (and lower costs at the same time) by having a good sign designer work with you on creating office signs and interior signs that are both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye? Since these signs can be customized to complement your office’s current look, you can use these to tie in together all the other decorative elements of your place of business.

What Ideas You Should Consider With Decorative Custom ADA Signs

As long as your signs follow the rather stringent rules set by the ADA for such signage, you can very well customize these signs to follow whatever decorative look you want it to have. For example, if your office follows a rather sophisticated and minimalistic approach to décor with the use of dark, solid colors and metallic accents, you can use these same elements on your signs. You can choose to use a metal back plate, a dark sign surface color and a lighter, contrasting color that does not deviate from your office’s décor for the signage characters.

If your office has wood elements all around, you can also use wood in your signage. You can have either wood grain plastic sign surfaces used for your signs, and a contrasting dark material for the back plate as well as the characters of the sign. You can also choose to have the entire sign made out of wood with the contrasting colors for the background and the characters made out of different shades of brown, with a darker shade used for the characters and a lighter wood grain for the sign surface, or vice versa.

Aesthetic qualities don’t only revolve around the kinds of materials that you use. This can also come in the shape of the sign that you are having made. One of the more popular custom ADA sign shapes people choose to use are those that have a domed top. These give the sign a smooth and streamlined look that you don’t often get from signs that have square edges. If you do not think a domed sign is ideal for your office, and you also dislike sharp edges, you can opt for rectangular or square signs with rounded edges for your ADA signage needs.

Another thing you can consider that can help add an aesthetic quality to your ADA signs when you are having these customized is the font that you use. Sure, you are required to use sans serif fonts, but you should also realize that there are actually some rather attractive fonts that belong to this kind of font choice. Some examples of rather good looking sans serif fonts you can use include Trebuchet MS, Century Gothic, Bauhaus 93 and Segoe UI. You can also opt to bold these fonts for your custom ADA signs in order to make the characters more prominent and easier to read, as well as striking and eye-catching.

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