Custom Bathroom Signs

When you think of bathroom signs, you think about the commonplace ones that you see everywhere around you. These are those signs that are made in the usual blue and white color combinations, and that come in the usual rectangular or circular shapes that most signs for doors sport. Are these the only designs you can use for restroom signs or can you use custom bathroom signs that are unique and eye-catching for these facilities?

Bathroom signs are actually one of the few signs that are required to follow a long list of rules set by the government for such signage. This particular sign belongs to a group of signs that are called “permanent room signs” primarily because these are used on rooms that are considered “permanent”, or won’t be seeing any change in how these are used any time soon. Included in this particular group, aside from bathroom signage, are signs used for stairwells, elevators, exits, and other spaces that have equipment in them that permanently make them usable for one particular purpose only (like kitchens, closets, auditoriums, and such).

So, back to the customization of bathroom signs – how can these be tweaked to look extraordinary (as our title implies) without skirting any of the rules that the government has set for signs that belong to such a category? There are many ways that you can still create unique looking bathroom signs without veering away from the strict rules that you need to follow. One way is to use interesting color combinations that still comply with the 70% color contrast rule set by the ADA (think burgundy and pale blue, or yellow and burnt sienna). As long as these are within these guidelines for color contrast and combinations, not to mention being easy on the eyes and not irritatingly glaring, you can employ such a tactic for noteworthy restroom signage.

Another thing you can tweak on your custom bathroom signs is the pictograms that you use. While most people opt for the ordinary (and somewhat boring) traditional bathroom figures for men and women on these signs, others take the risk of injecting some uniqueness to these pictograms with the help of slight alterations in how these look. For instance, these pictograms can be created in a sleeker, and less rigid looking fashion.

Some people even choose to make these images rather whimsical, silly, artistic, and even rather controversial. There are those who choose to simply go with the same general shape, but have these in different poses, or with slightly different shapes (instead of a round shape for the head, they use an oval or have the round shape wear a hat of some sort). Some will even go so far as to use rather sexy shapes (or even suggestions of the genitalia of each gender) on these signs to make these stand out.

Just keep in mind that, if you are thinking of having your signs look different from the norm, you might do well to ask the advice of a signage designer who has extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations set by the ADA. As long as the ADA mandated features are on these signs, you can make these bathroom signs less boring, and more eye-catching with safe tweaks like these.

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