Custom Office Signs

Custom office signs can now be ordered online, and as such, most of those who do this do not see how these things are made. Usually, when you order these signs from the manufacturer, you can see people bustling about, trying to get orders made and delivered on schedule. With an online portal however, you simply place the order, pay for it, and wait for delivery.

How are these signs made, and what goes on before these are delivered to your doorstep? Are there special steps that need to be done before any of these reach the production floor? How do manufacturers ensure that you get the best possible signs according to your orders?

Custom office signs that are ordered online actually go through the same process as those that you order from a manufacturer that you go to. Here are some of the steps that your signs have to go through before they get to you:

Design – custom signs need to have designs submitted before these can be made. These designs can be checked by in-house sign designers and compliance experts for ADA compliance, but this is usually left to the discretion of the person ordering.

Material Selection – the designs that are submitted will then need to be paired with materials that are compatible with these designs. More often than not, these are made using plastic sheets, but there are times when metal, glass, wood, and stone are used for these as well.

Manufacturing process – the signs are then sent to the manufacturing arm of the sign maker. The designs are fed into the computer and these are then crafted according to what is required. If these are to be made using engraving, the sign materials are fed into the engraver and the signs are engraved using computer guided engraving machines. If these signs are to be silk-screened, a silk screen pattern is made and affixed to a silk-screen frame, which is then used to create the custom sign that is ordered. If these signs are made using a variety of materials, the different components are made first before these are assembled.

Checking and delivery – once the ordered signs are made, these are checked for quality, errors, flaws, and missing parts. Once it is confirmed that the product is made up to standards, this is then packed and shipped to the person who ordered these.

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