Different Types of Signs

You see these everywhere and simply do not pay them too much attention. We are talking about the different types of signs that you encounter when you enter a building, any building. But, did you know that without these signs, you will not know how to get to where you want to go in that particular building? You might even find yourself having a difficult time finding a way to get out of that building.

Whether you would like to admit it or not, these things that you see on walls, doors, and overhead, actually serve not only the building these are in, but also everyone who goes in and out of such a building. To show you exactly what we mean by this, here are some of these signage types, and what purpose they serve:

Directories – these are those signs that you see behind reception desks, in lobbies, behind security guards, and even outdoors. These usually carry the name of either a person or an office, and the number of the room that such a person or office can be found. These are usually arranged according to floors, so first floor offices are listed first, then second floor offices, then third floor offices, and so on.

Sometimes, these are listed according to category, as is sometimes the case with buildings that house numerous doctors’ clinics. So you may see these feature the Ob-Gyn offices first, followed by Pediatrics, then Internal Medicine, and General Practice, and so on. The reason why these things are so useful is because people can sometimes forget where a specific office or person can be found. They may remember the name of their doctor or the lawyer they are looking for but not the room or office number. These directories will tell you exactly what floor and what room number these can are in.

Directional Signs – these are similar to directories in a way, but are found on each floor and not just at the entryway of a building. These signs show you the direction you should take to get to a specific room or office, hence the name “directional signs”. If you know that your doctor’s clinic is on the 4th floor and is in room 410, but don’t know whether to turn left or right when you get off the elevator, a directional sign will tell you where to turn to get to the room you are looking for.

This particular sign can be found in many places, like hotels, hospitals, schools, and office buildings. Since some buildings have different ways of numbering and naming rooms, and some buildings with different offices renting different floors often have different numbering orientations, these signs are indeed useful. These can help you find your way without needing to ask anyone and without having to go around in circles.

Room Number Signs – these signs mark different rooms on different kinds of buildings, and are often used in conjunction with the two signs we just mentioned earlier. These can mark hotel rooms, classrooms, offices, and hospital rooms. These serve as markers for these rooms so you can easily find them. Imagine going into a building and being told that in order to get to an office you are looking for, you should go forward, go up 3 floors, turn left, count 3 rooms, turn right and count 3 more rooms, then the one with the red door is what you are looking for.

Now you can see the importance of these different types of signs and how they serve not only the establishment they are in, but also the people who come to these places. To find out more about the many different signs a building can use, browse through our many different signs or contact us for your inquiries.

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