Engraved Office Door Signs

In the past, when you talk about engraved office door signs, chances are, these signs were manufactured using hand tools. Some of the hand tools you can expect to be used on such signs include burins or gravers, burnishers and roulets. These tools are still used by a few artisans these days, with a number of them using electric hand engraving tools for some of their work.

When it comes to companies that specialize in engraved signage making, machinery are used to craft such signs. The machines that are used to craft these signs are usually computer driven and may be laser engraving machines or diamond cutter machines. The use of these engraving equipment often help sign manufacturers create signage quickly and with precision, making such a process cost effective and ideal for those who need signs delivered quickly.

Engraved office door signs are but one of the many products that are produced by such machines. Since most of these signs have to conform with standards that are set by the ADA for compliance, most sign makers already have set templates in the computers that run these engraving machines. All that needs to be done is to add the custom wordings to these templates, place the plates that are to be engraved in place and the signs that are required will be manufactured according to ADA rules.

The road to production often starts with a client ordering signs from a sign manufacturer either by way of a consultation or with the help of a design tool that can be found on the manufacturer’s site. Once the signs that need to be crafted are chosen and the orders are confirmed, the sign manufacturer then takes the designs that have been ordered and start putting together such signs.

The choices for material, background, mounting and color combinations are then taken care of. Once these have been prepped, the design is then prepared on the computer that is to help create such signs. The custom signage material that is to be used for a particular order is then placed on the machine that is to craft it and the work on the sign begins.

Once the sign is finished, it is then checked for flaws and other inaccuracies. Usually, when crafted with the use of computer operated engraving machines, such engraved signs rarely have flaws that customers can complain about. Once quality checking is complete, these engraved signs are then sent to the customer.