Engraved Signs

Probably one of the sign styles a lot of people choose to use for office signs is the engraved sign, and this is with good reason. Engraved office signs give you that crisp, professional look you want without it costing you a lot. This is because the materials that you can use for engraved office signs include the lower costing acrylic and plastic.

You can opt to use aluminum and other more expensive sign materials for engraved office signs, if that is what you want. Because engraving is a very versatile medium of sign making, the types of materials you can choose to use for your signs can also be very varied. Some of the materials that can be used for engraved signs include, aside from the aforementioned ones, wood, metal, and PVC.

Engraved signs are crafted with the use of engraving tools that can be used on these different kinds of materials. Most of these engravers have diamond tips that allow for the easy etching of any surface, be it metal, plastic, wood or even glass. Some companies use an electric engraver that is handheld and is operated manually by an artisan, although these days most sign makers opt to use an engraving machine that is computer operated.

When a hand held engraver is used, the person has to have a steady hand when creating these signs. They also need to trace a template onto the material for engraving in order for them to be able to carefully create the sign that they are tasked to make. When an engraving machine is used, all the person needs to do is to program the machine to create the sign that is needed and the job is done for him by the machine itself.

Engraving machines that are used by most sign manufacturing companies can be the older types that have to use different kinds of tips for different kinds of materials. It can also be the more expensive laser engraving machines that use high-powered lasers and mirrors to engrave the words on any type of material that are used for signs. Understandably so, laser engraving machines are more expensive than the standard ones, although they do create cleaner signs and can be left to do the job on their own once the sign requirements are programmed into the machine.

Engraved signs are usually made for indoor use and for office signage needs. Some people even have office directories, ADA signs and directional signs made with the use of engraving machines. Since an engraved sign can be made with a variety of materials, many people choose this type of sign for a wide variety of sign applications.