Dirty Indoor Signage

“Clothes make the man”, or so the saying goes. This means that people will judge you by the way you dress yourself or by your appearance. The same goes for businesses. People will judge you (even before they get to know what kind of business you are) by what they see, and that includes the kinds of indoor signage that you use for your establishment.

As unfair as some people may think this is, it is a fact that people do tend to judge others first via their appearance before they even get to know the person. While perceptions may change once they do realize that what is inside is not necessarily translated accurately by what is outside, some people will not take the time to get to know what is inside to be able to actually realize this.

This can hold true for businesses as well. How your establishment looks from the outside and what signs you use both inside and outside, can have a huge bearing on how people perceive your business. If you have shabby and unkempt indoor signage or dilapidated and dirty outdoor signage, do you think people will want to patronize your establishment?

Having signage that is not only clean and well maintained, but also tastefully designed and professionally crafted will help tell people that you are running a business that focuses on quality, either on service or products. Since your signs will be the first thing people will see (aside from your building’s façade and, later on, interiors), you should make sure that these give them the right impression.

Aside from making sure that your signs are professionally made and clean, in order for people to think that you are indeed a company that focuses on quality, you should also ensure that your signs comply with ADA standards. A lot of indoor signs need to comply with the guidelines the ADA has set for signage, and for a good reason. Not only will compliance help people with disabilities find their way around easily, but it will also keep you away from problems with lawsuits and fines.

While signs may seem like an inconsequential thing to some people, for businesses it is a big deal. The signs that a business uses (and keeps well maintained) can mean the difference between a lost customer and a gained customer. Look at it this way. If you were to choose between two similar establishments, and one has well-kept and good looking signs, while the other has shabby and dilapidated signs, which establishment would you choose to go to?