Custom Restroom Signs

Okay, so you are thinking of customizing your restroom signs, and that is nothing out of the ordinary. If you are thinking of making custom restroom signs that are very unique and inventive however, that is something worth contemplating and poring over before being acted on. You might not be aware of this, but restroom signage, even when these are customized, is still subject to the rules and regulations set by the ADA. This means that when you do customize these signs, you need to do so with these guidelines in mind.

So, does this mean that you have very limited options when it comes to your customized bathroom signs? Well, yes and no. Yes, since you do need to follow set rules for compliance when you design these signs, which essentially limits you to choices that are in line with what the government requires. And no, since the choices are not as limited as you might think, with sign manufacturing companies finding ways to create inventive, but still compliant, restroom signs for their clientele.

How can you create rather inventive but still compliant restroom signage for your establishment? One way would be to hire a sign designer who is very well-versed in the laws that are used in the creation of ADA signs, and to ask such an individual to create signs that are not like other restroom signs but are still safely within the rules for ADA signage. Another way would be to research the possibilities yourself, and ask a compliance specialist in your state for input on whether or not your signage ideas are within set guidelines or need to be tweaked for these to be considered compliant.

While most people would give up on creating amazingly unique signs for their bathrooms due to the restrictions they perceive these rules are placing on their design ideas, others actually find it a challenge and strive to come up with distinctive designs that can hardly be called ordinary, but are still following rules. Some of the unique twists that they utilize for their bathroom signage include acceptable pictograms that are similar to the standard ones but have slight differences in them, unique use of different kinds of signage materials, and even the use of completely stylish images for men and women on these signs.

In order for your custom restroom signs to be considered compliant, despite the inventive designs that you are thinking of utilizing, you should always remember to include the usual elements needed for permanent room signs. These include the use of tactile characters on these signs, inclusion of Braille translations, use of approved fonts, and the right color contrasts between background and the characters on these. These should also be in the right size that can be seen from a respectable distance, and should be mounted in the areas that the ADA prescribes.

If you feel that it would be rather difficult for you to be totally creative in your bathroom signage designs with such rules that need to be followed, you can still have highly imaginative restroom signs crafted without having to worry about compliance. All you need to do is to have compliant signs crafted to go with your artistic ones, and you can mount your artistic signage in areas that are not necessarily ADA guided, while the compliant signs you ordered are the ones that are placed in areas that the government mandated these be placed. 

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