Personalized Sign

When you talk about signs, and having these made by a manufacturer, the usual thoughts that pop into one’s head is that these signs are those that are found outside office doors and being used in establishments like schools, hotels, and the like. What people may not realize is that, when you can totally customize signs, you can actually have these made for more than just office signs. You can have personalized signs made for special occasions and for other types of work.

If you are an event planner, or even a wedding planner, you can create amazingly unique wedding and event ideas that can use customized signs as part of the décor. For example, if your couple is asking you to create a rustic wedding for them, you can actually order a number of custom wooden signs for such an event. You can have signs made for where people should enter during the reception, and where the bride’s and the groom’s family and friends should sit during the ceremony.

You can have custom signs made to fit any type of theme, from rustic to classic to rugged to whimsical. All you need to do is to know where signs will be needed when you plan the weddings of your clients, and you can have design ideas ready for them to choose from when you put together your wedding plan package for them. You can include the type of material that best suits the theme of the wedding. Some of the ideas that you can use include the following – rugged can be metal plates designed to look like license plates, classic can be stone and glass signs that are engraved or etched, whimsical can be plastic in rainbow colors, and so on.

What signs may be required for a wedding? Apart from what was mentioned earlier, you can have custom signs made for the table numbers or names. You can also have signs made for the couple’s table, the table for the gifts, and for where the line starts for the buffet. You can also have signs made for the dessert table, souvenir table, drinks table, and to show people where they should sit.

Of course, in order to pull of such personalized signs for special events, you need to find a manufacturer who offers totally customizable signs on their catalog of products. These fully customizable signs will often have a complete list of sizes, fonts, materials, and colors for you to choose from. You can also try to contact the manufacturer via their contact page if you cannot see what you want from their selection. A number of these signage companies actually allow customers to have signs made using specially ordered materials, sometimes at a slight mark-up.

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