Wall Mounted Signs

When you talk about wall mounted signs, chances are you will envision a sign that sticks flat on a wall. While this is technically correct, signs that lay flat on a wall are not the only signs that can be considered wall mounted. There are actually quite a number of variants to choose from when you are looking for wall mounted signage.

Wall mounted signage can easily include signs that are made up of individual letters mounted individually to form a word or a phrase. This kind of wall sign is used when a company needs to have their company name or brand posted on a wall in their office. Oftentimes, company name signs that are made with wall mounted, individual letters also have the company logo mounted with it. It is also safe to say that majority of this kind of a sign are made with aluminum or stainless steel.

Another type of wall mounted signage is the one that is attached with the use of screws and standoffs. Standoffs are usually used for signs that are made with acrylic and are those round, metallic nubs that you often see on these signs. Screws can either be those that are used on wood or those that are made for concrete. The choice for which type of screw you will need for your sign mounting requirements is often made when you order your signs, so you will have to know beforehand where these signs are to be mounted so you can get the right kind of screw with your signs.

Also part of this list is the sign that is attached to walls with the use of adhesives. These signs are usually made with lightweight materials and are oftentimes posted indoors. These signs are those that you see sticking flat to clean, smooth walls. Wall signs that are attached with the use of adhesives are often used on doors and cubicles.

Also considered wall mounted signage is the sign that you see mounted on brackets above doors and along hallways. You can find these in many styles, with some having hanging signs on chains attached to the brackets and others attached to the bracket itself. There are even signs like these that can accommodate interchangeable sign plates. These can be attached to walls using screws, adhesives or wall anchors, depending on what kind of surface the wall has.