Washroom Sign

One of the most ignored and unacknowledged things around you that actually help people a lot is the common sign. What some people may not realize is that washroom signs, directional signs, room signs and other signs actually make life easier for a lot of people. How is this so?

Picture this. If you were to go to a place you were unfamiliar with, or are staying someplace new, you won’t be able to find your way around without the help of these signs. Sure, you might say, you can ask people for directions, but what if there was no one around who can answer your questions?

Here is another scenario. What if you were in another country and you did not know the language? How would you find your way to the washroom should the call of nature oblige you to do so? You can’t very well ask around until you find someone who knows how to speak English if you feel like doing your thing urgently, now can you?

This is where washroom signs, directional signs and other signs come in handy. Most of the signs that you see around you usually carry a universally recognizable symbol that lets you know where to go and which room can be found where. The use of symbols on these signs assures people that no matter what language they speak (or don’t speak for that matter), they can easily find their way around by simply looking at these signs.

Sign PictogramsThe pictograms that you find on the bathroom signs that you see everywhere is one of many official ISO 7001 Standardized Pictograms used by the DOT which are used everywhere. Some of the more commonly used images used to show people where to go, where they are and what a room is for is found in this particular set of images. These are often found in areas where people converge and where different modes of transport can be found.

Airport Wayfinding Sign

These signs can be found in airports, bus stations, train stations and many more. These can also be found in schools, stadiums, offices, malls and other buildings. You can also find a few of these on the road and in hotels.

So, the next time you see these signs, say a silent thank you to whoever crafted and installed these. Without these signs, you can either find yourself lost or in an embarrassing situation you won’t wish on anyone. And whether you acknowledge these signs or not, know that they actually do make life somewhat easier for all of us.