While most companies employ a cleaning service to keep things in the office neat and tidy, some businesses do not have cleaning professionals that can take good care of their interior office signs. Cleaning the signs that are on your office doors and walls may seem like an easy enough task to do, and in some respects it is. What some cleaners do not know however, is that there are some dos and don’ts that need to be followed to help keep office signs looking as good as they did when they were first installed.

Cleaning interior office signs often requires that the cleaner know what to use when handling the many different signs they need to clean. Different materials need different cleaning treatments in order to help keep the sign looking as good as it did the day it was first installed. To make sure that this is done properly, here are some common sign materials being used today and what should be done when signs made with these are cleaned.


  • DON’T - When cleaning acrylic signs, cleaning solutions should never be used. Ammonia or other similarly harsh chemicals should never be utilized when signs made with acrylic are being cleaned. Glass cleaners and kitchen dishwashing solutions should also be avoided. Scouring pads and other abrasives are also things that should not be used for cleaning signs made with this material.
  • DO – Use a soft, non-linting cloth and lukewarm water when wiping off your acrylic signs. If some dirt or grime seems rather difficult to remove with the use of just water, a mild detergent can be added to the water. Dry the sign with another soft, non-linting, dry piece of cloth. Blot the sign dry to prevent any scratching.



  • DON’T – To effectively clean signs made of aluminum, steel or any other metal, harsh chemicals and other similar agents should not be used. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents and materials either.  
  • DO – Use a soft cloth for cleaning metal signs. To effectively remove grime and dirt from these signs and to prevent streaking, mix together a cup of warm water, a small amount of dishwashing liquid and a tablespoon of white vinegar. Dip your cloth in this mixture and wring out the excess liquid. Use the moist cloth to wipe off any dirt on your metal signs. Dry sign off with a dry, soft piece of cloth. Make sure that all moisture is removed to prevent tarnishing or rusting.