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Customizing office signs is something a lot of businesses do, primarily because they want their signs to reflect their identity as a company, and to make their signs as great looking as possible. This is not a task that should be taken lightly, or done without careful thought and consideration, since these signs need to be made just the right way in order for these to be compliant. Non-compliance can actually cause you more harm than good, and should always be foremost in your mind when you start thinking about designing custom office signs.

So, how do you go about designing office signs that are ADA compliant? When you do not know what features an ADA compliant custom office sign should have, you have a number of options. First, you can do some extensive research on the subject, and come up with designs that you like that also have these very same features that are needed on these signs. Second, you can contact a compliance expert and ask them for input regarding the kinds of signs you need for your office. Third, you can get in touch with a signage maker that has an in-house sign designer that has a lot of knowledge regarding such compliant signs.

For the first option, it may take you a bit of time to actually design the custom office signs that you need with all the features that you need to integrate into these. Some of the things you need to familiarize yourself with include the tactile features that have to be on some of these signs, like the braille translations and the tactile wordings and pictograms that need to be on these. You will also need to know which office signs need to have these features and which ones can go without. Also needed is the proper color contrasts, the right fonts, and the proper spacing between the characters on these signs.

For the second option, you can ask the assistance of a compliance expert near you, and you can ask them for guidelines regarding the signs you need. You can also show them your signage designs and ask them about the additional features these need to become compliant, what need to be changed, and what your designs lack. You can also ask these experts for ideas regarding these signs, and which ones need to have compliant features.

The easiest route for you to take is to rely on a signage manufacturer that has an in-house sign designer that is adept at creating these signs. Simply tell the designer what signs you need to have made, and what your ideas are, and they can put your signs together with the much needed features for compliance and the features that you want these to have as well.

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