Designing Customized Signs

If you want to design your own signs for your business, you should always keep in mind that if these are to be used in facilities that can be accessed by the public (which includes the people who work for you, customers, and the like), these need to adhere to rules set by the ADA. For your signs to be considered compliant, you need to ensure that these have features that are listed by the ADA as required for ADA compliant signs. For you to know what these features are, you need to either do some research on what features ADA signs should have, or ask a compliance expert for some advice.

No matter what option you choose to educate yourself on the rules that govern the creation of compliant signs, you should always keep these rules in mind when you put together your own sign designs. Designing signs that are both compliant and aesthetically pleasing can be somewhat tricky. If you do your research well however, and you get the expert advice of a sign designer who is also a compliance expert, you may just be able to create great looking signs that are also compliant.

There are a few things that you need to remember when designing your own signs:

Know your materials – some materials are not versatile enough to effectively translate your designs the way you want them to. Know your materials first so you can create your signs in such a way that these are compatible with the materials you will be using.

Know your color combinations – also important is to know which combinations you like are considered ADA compliant. Not that many color pairings can be called compliant with ADA standards, however there are quite a few that are actually within the parameters of the contrast rule and are rather colorful (not the usual black, white, red, and blue shades that you usually associate with ADA compliance).

Know your fonts – try to research which fonts can be used on your signs. Some people lose hope when they are told that the only fonts that can be used are sans serif ones. They forget that some sans serif fonts are actually very pleasing to look at. You simply need to have a list of all the fonts that are sans serif, and choose the one that you feel will fit your sign’s design perfectly.

When you know what elements can go on your sign to create an attractive yet very compliant customized sign, you will find that designing these is not that daunting after all. You may need to tweak your initial designs a few times, but when you get the hang of creating compliant signage, you won’t have to worry about your custom sign designs in the future.

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