Indoor Signage Maintenance

Keeping your signs well maintained and clean can help you get the most out of them. There are times however that signs can get neglected and you eventually notice the wear and tear on them a bit too late. To keep your signs from deteriorating and to ensure that these are regularly maintained, you might want to develop a maintenance plan for your indoor signage.

To effectively keep track of sign maintenance and to know when signs need to be cleaned, repaired or replaced, you should have reports for sign inventory, condition, repair and replacement. These different reports can help you keep track of what needs to be done to all your indoor signs, especially if you are running a facility that has quite a number of these.

1. Inventory Report – an inventory report lists down all the indoor signage that you have in your facility, what it is used for, where it is located, when it was installed and when it is scheduled for maintenance or cleaning. It also shows you when it was last cleaned and by whom. An inventory report will also carry information on when signs were repaired and whether or not these should be replaced or changed.

2. Condition Report – a condition report is a more specific report that shows you what the conditions of your signs are. These will show whether there are scratches, dents, discoloration, missing screws and vandalism on your indoor signage. Condition reports should be generated every six months and should be substantiated with photographs of the signs every time an inspection is conducted. This particular report will pave the way for the maintenance report and scheduling.

3. Maintenance Report – once your condition report comes through, you can then start your maintenance report. This usually carries maintenance schedules and routines that need to be done. This report will also carry what kind of action was carried out for the indoor signs that are listed. Whether a sign is repaired, cleaned, replaced or refurbished, this particular report will carry the schedule and details for such actions.

4. Replacement Report – while this can be integrated into the inventory or maintenance report, it is actually better to have a separate report for when signs are replaced. You can mention in your inventory report when such a sign was replaced but this particular documentation will help you find out why, when, how and how much was spent on specific sign replacements made for your establishment.