Office Signs ChecklistSome people who need office signs do not necessarily know what signs they require, and this is not uncommon. That is the reason why sign consultants and experts are sometimes needed. What you need to do however is to help these sign consultants ultimately determine what your office requires in terms of sign designs and requirements. This can be done with the help of a sign checklist.

With a sign checklist, you and your sign specialist not only determine what kinds of signage your facility needs, but also how each one should look, what materials to use and other pertinent factors. These are some of the things you may need to ask yourself:

  • What are the uses of your signs? Are these to direct people? Are these to show them what to do and what not to do? Do you need these to tell people what a room or area is for? These questions will help you determine how many permanent room signs, directional signs, instructional signs and others you might need for your establishment.

  • What are the display conditions and duration of use for some of your signs? Are some of your signs for temporary use or are these all for permanent use? Are these for use indoors or outdoors? These will help you determine as well what signs are needed and what materials you might have to choose from when these are put together.

  • What kind of image are you looking to project with your signs? Are you aiming for a sophisticated, professional, fun or imaginative look? These will help you decide on your sign’s fonts, background design, colors and other similar aesthetic factors. These will also help your sign consultant come up with the right suggestions and ideas according to how you want your signs to look and what aura these should exude.


With the help of a floor plan and answers to these questions, you and your sign consultant can easily determine where office signs should be placed, what should be on them, what materials are needed for each one and how high these should be mounted. This checklist will also help you determine which signs should be ADA compliant and which ones need not be. Once you come to a decision about how each sign should look and what their functions are, you can then place your order for these signs and simply wait for these to be delivered, mounted and ultimately used for your establishment.