ADA Compliant Custom SignsCustomizing signs for your business is a common enough occurrence due to the fact that different companies have different needs. It is also normal for companies to choose to customize their signs according to what fits their company’s profile as well as the company’s design preferences. This however presents sign makers with certain dilemmas since some designs and some color combinations do not fit the requirements set by the government for compliant signage.

What is compliant signage and how does this affect the designs of your custom signs? When you say “compliant signs”, what you are talking about are signs that are made while following guidelines set by the government. These guidelines can be found in the ADA Standards for Accessible Design, which lists down not only rules set for signage but also rules for passageways, entrances, exits, and the like.

This ADA Standards Guide consists of 10 chapters, but the one on signage can be found on chapter 7, which is the chapter that covers communication elements and features. This is because signs are considered communication elements due to the fact that these communicate to people directions and locations of rooms as well as entrances and exits. This is where you will see just what features signs should have in order for these to be considered compliant with ADA standards.

This guide is one of the places where you can try to look for information on what signs should look like in order for these to be acceptable in the eyes of the government. Not complying with the guidelines set by the government will indeed cause your company a bit of money due to the need for new, compliant signs and possible fines as well as penalties that have to be paid for violating government rules. Of course, these can be avoided by complying with such standards from the get go.

In order for you to know what kinds of features your signs need without needing to do your own research on the subject, you can simply entrust your custom signs to a signage maker that has been creating ADA compliant signs for decades. While the latest version of the guidelines shows a 2010 standard, the ADA has been regulating the creation of signs as well as other accessibility features in the US since 1990.

What you need to find is a signage company that has been following these standards from the time it was first passed into law up to its revised form. No matter what kinds of signs you need for your office or business, when you work with a signage company that has thorough knowledge of these rules and the revised version of it, you won’t have to worry about compliance. This is because these sign makers will know off-the-bat what needs to be added to your custom signage to make these ADA compliant.

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